The Student Pilot Manual

  • What is included? Student Pilot Manual
  • What does it provide? Support from pilot training to licence standard
  • What are the benefits? Your go to guide for every step of your gliding career
  • What you will get out of it: Gain the knowledge to reach your flying potential
  • Postage and packaging: Inclusive for UK only. (See key information for details)
  •  £7.95

Gliding training has three stages. These are basic pre-solo training in a two-seater glider until your first solo flight, advanced training until obtaining your licence or equivalent, and for those who chose to, further advanced training in specific skills like cross-country flights, aerobatic flying, mountain flying, cloud flying, taking your friends and family flying and eventually becoming an instructor. This manual supports a pilots training from first lesson through to a licence standard. All student pilots and instructors will enjoy the informal style as the manual guides us through the first steps in what we hope will be a long and enjoyable gliding career.

When you order the Student Pilot Manual, we ask you if you are content to be contacted by the BGA with further helpful information that can support your training as a glider pilot.

Postage and Packaging inclusive for UK only. If you require postage outside of the UK please contact the BGA office on +44 (0) 116 289 2956 or email us

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